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Awesome! Glad to see the teachings of Christ espoused in such a way. It's especially encouraging to see this from Baptists, if only because they have lately been so closely associated with right-wing political views that would never tolerate such a letter.

Here's hoping that this is an early indication of a new movement in Christianity to emphasize what Christ taught and not just what we want to believe. Remember - Jesus was homeless.

Caleb Powers

I fully agree with the position taken by the Baptists here, though I have not often had anything good to say about either Baptists or other evangelicals.

If Jesus taught us anything, it was the golden rule. Who among us would want to be treated as WalMart treats its employees? And, who among us would want to be treated like the sweatshop workers in third world contries that manufacture most of the goods that WalMart sells?

At some point, the capitalists convinced us that corporate profits were more important than people, and we need to turn back the tide on that, and come to a more equitable system of compensating workers.

Miss Gayle

Good luck with that. If Wal-Mart had any morals or care for American people they would never have dropped their father's buy American policy or failed to raise wages to meet inflation over the years. They're corrupt. We don't shop there any more.


You know. I hate to see all the blame being put on wal-mart, they are in a business to to make a profit and they do a good job of it. Everybody wants the same things that these clergy want for those employees but its just not possible. To offer half of these benefits would double the price of most of the merchandise in the store which in turn would lead to slower sales , lay offs and eventual store closings. Some things can be implemented because of the wal mart hierarchy. They are a smart bunch of people and I personally would like to see them come up with a health care plan that the nation could use as a model. I do think its unreasonable to place this kind of burden upon walmart simply because they are successful at what they do. In the job market today one could start al walmart and work their way up the ranks or use the experience by going to another store that offers the benefits described.


What's strange about this is that many of the institutions and churches listed here are of the more liberal-ish variety.

It's a shame that more conservative folks are so blind to the way mega-corporations and big box retailers work against the thigs they are supposed to value like stability, thrift, tradition aand the family.

Where are the conservatives on this?

John Sparks

I wish Godspeed to this letter and its signers. To me, what's really frightening about Wal-Mart is occurring mostly in the rural areas of Kentucky and other states. In my own area at least, I have seen the chain wipe out literally dozens of little local mom-and-pop operations, while at the same time exerting all the attraction of a three-ring circus to a lot of rural people. In the most rural churches I ever worked in, I've heard Wal-Mart preached against many times, not for any social-gospel reason but because the place fascinated so many people they'd wind up going to Wal-Mart instead of church on Sunday morning. In other words, it almost makes one wonder: why did Karl Marx declare that religion was the opiate of the people? Because television hadn't yet been invented at that time.....or because there weren't yet any Wal-Marts?

lemonhead lisa

Hey Bart: This ought to be right up your alley. I bet you and mr phelps could even manage a few picket lines. Or are you busy right now doing that christmas thing with the tree that you hate so much


Gimme a Break. Why stop at Wal-Mart? Hasn't Cracker Barrel been sued for racial discrimination?

Or what about Fast Food places that sometimes work 15, 16, and 17 year old kids a few minutes past what they should.

Or what about some of the seasonal or temp jobs or other part time jobs out there in most all businesses that don't pay for health benefits?

Besides that who do they think they are to tell us where Jesus would or wouldn't have gone? If I remember correctly in the Bible Jesus went everywhere the Pharisee's thought he shouldn't.

He came for all people and went to all people to show them a better way and to show them God's love.

Tell me again how God's love is shown by boycotting a business and putting in jeopardy the jobs to those they claim to be fighting for?

I think we are called to be a light in the world to shine for God, a light that shows others a better way of life and the love of Jesus Christ. Exactly how are we doing that by boycotting Wal-Mart? What is our witness to those who need those jobs to survive? Are they going to want to think about coming to our churches if we take away their jobs?


Is "made in china" in your house? If so, your part of the trade decifit.


Something to consider about health care, in Ky.since health care reform under Jones administration my premiums have gone up 600 percent, needless to say my income hasn't. If as a group the baptist want to make an impact on social issues, I would personally start looking who are major stock holders in insurance companies and would research the profit margins in the last 10 years. The increase in prices overall seems to start with the increase in insurance premiums. Who by the way run this country, in my opinion.

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